Decision Trees

Decision Making

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Create trees

Grow tree until stopping criteria reached (max depth, minimum information gain, etc.)

Greedy, recursive partitioning


Depth: Longest path from root to a leaf node

If too deep, can overfit

If too shallow, can underfit

Underfitting vs. Overfitting

Choosing a Restaurant

Examples Attributes Target Wait
Alt Bar Fri Hun Pat Price Rain Res Type Est
$X_1$ T F F T Some F T French 0-10 T
$X_2$ T F F T Full F F Thai 30-60 F
$X_3$ F T F F Some F F Burger 0-10 T
$X_4$ T F T T Full F F Thai 10-30 T
$X_5$ T F T F Full F T French >60 F
$X_6$ F T F T Some T T Italian 0-10 T
$X_7$ F T F F None T F Burger 0-10 F
$X_8$ F F F T Some T T Thai 0-10 T
$X_9$ F T T F Full T F Burger >60 F
$X_{10}$ T T T T Full F T Italian 10-30 F
$X_{11}$ F F F F None F F Thai 0-10 F
$X_{12}$ T T T T Full F F Burger 30-60 T

Which attribute to split?

Patrons is a better choice because it gives more information about the classification

r2d3 Decision Tree Example

Decision Tree Lab

Hyperparameter Selection

Which dataset should we use to select hyperparameters? Train? Test?

Validation Dataset

Split the dataset into three!

  • Train on the training set
  • Select hyperparameters based on performance of the validation set
  • Test on test set

What if you don't have enough data to split in 3 separate sets?

K-Fold Cross Validation

Grid Search

Try various hyperparameter settings to find the optimal combination

How many models will this build (k = 3)?

Random Search